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Who Needs Lox?

     This isn’t a food blog.  But I’d be lying to myself and to you, dear reader, if I said everything I did wasn’t influenced by food in some way.  Our attempts at homesteading, raising our own chickens for eggs, garden for produce, and bees for honey has all been for food.  What I’ve learned along the way goes so far beyond what we put on our plates, but the original goal remains:  to feed myself and my family the best possible food we can eat.

     As insightful as that is, the real inspiration for today’s post came from our Thanksgiving meal with the hubby’s family last week.  Traditionally, my husband and his family have celebrated Channukah over Thanksgiving, eating well, exchanging gifts, and traveling each year.  This year, just a few hours south in Aiken, NC, we feasted on the traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner (at my prompting, they chose a pasture-raised, humanely kept and slaughtered, organic turkey - it was my first turkey in 14 years and it was freakin’ spectacular). 

     But it was breakfast the next morning that got me thinking.  I’ve been purchasing cold smoked trout from Sunburst Trout Farms —a local farm literally just miles down the road—for months now.  I’ve tried a variety of ways to showcase the flavor without drowning it out, to no avail (and then I always just end up eating it plain, because I can’t bear the thought of smothering it in mayonnaise or layering it on a sandwich).  Leave it to a breakfast of bagels and lox with the husband’s fam to knock me over the head with a genius idea.  Finally, I can do our local trout proud.  Here was my breakfast this morning:

     It was kind of unreal: smoked trout, lightly herbed with dill (an herb I typically can’t stand, but so fresh here!) over a locally baked sesame seed bagel, and organic cultured cream cheese.  It’s a heavy breakfast, always with the risk of leaving one in a food coma, but it was well worth it.  Who needs lox flown from around the globe when you’ve got this in your neighborhood?


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